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Proximity Reader

Low power easy to install readers, multi coloured LED & audio tone supplied with both black & white covers, full range of keyfobs & lightweight standard or image technology cards. Weather resistant and small size.

Network System

Each of the above boards have a local database with on board backup, they can store up to 20,000 cardholders/ 7000 events, firmware is in flash memory and can be upgraded remotely to add new features, there is a built in real time clock.

Each board supports all major reader technology, proximity, biometrics, bar code, infrared, magnetic stripe and keypads, up to 8 different card formats/ Facility and site codes can be utilised.
Each board has digital supervised or unsupervised inputs and auxiliary relay outputs.
Full stand-alone operation with complete database redundancy is available when communication with the host PC is interrupted - maintaining cardholder, reader mode, time zones and access level integrity.

Each board has Interchangeable TCP/IP or RS-485/RS-232 communications Interfaces, the above diagram demonstrates communication with the Apollo ENI-100 fitted which can utilise optional 256-bit AES Rijndael encryption so that all communication between devices (and thus between Access Control and Alarm Monitoring devices) is protected from monitoring or tampering from outside sources.

All Apollo hardware can operate between 12 & 24 Vdc.