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Low power easy to install readers, multi coloured LED & audio tone supplied with both black & white covers, full range of keyfobs & lightweight standard or image technology cards. Weather resistant and small size.

APACS OPC Software

Apacs Access Control Software - Security Management Software

APACS OPC Client features go beyond security to connect you to the process and control systems that you need. Get integrated monitoring and control of the entire site in one place with a customizable easy to use interface.

Monitor OPC Servers to get constantly updated information on all types of devices including HVAC, lighting, pumps, power meters and more. See alarms and messages in APACS with OPC Alarm & Events or customize your own alarm thresholds for Data Access items and events are automatically generated.

Control devices on your OPC network by easily writing tag values. Associate control tags with any OPC item and define automatic reactions in response to events within the Access Control System or any other message source. Manual control is also made simple with custom control menus for each object which can be accessed directly from the hardware tree or map icons.

For even greater flexibility, interface with many control systems including BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks, SNMP and more.*

*Additional software required for protocol gateways. messages or controlling each object individually.

OPC Features Configuration

Create OPC objects

Create OPC objects in the hardware tree with custom icons and hierarchical structure. Full permissions control is available for all objects so that operators can be restricted from receiving messages or controlling each object individually.

Custom Control Menus

Administrators can create custom control menus for each OPC object allowing operators to perform actions by writing tag values back to the OPC Server. Menus can be customized for each type of object and map icons can be designated for reactions to enable individual control commands.

Value thresholds

Value thresholds can be defined and assigned to any OPC object in the system. Data Access tag values are monitored at the selected time interval and if a value is found within a pre-defined range, APACS displays a custom message at Alarm Mode monitoring stations. No Alarm & Event server is required, APACS generates alarms based on your criteria.

Order Guide

Model Part Number Description
OPC-50 450-545-L50 APACS OPC Interface License - Support for 50 OPC Objects
OPC-100 450-545-L100 APACS OPC Interface License - Support for 100 OPC Objec
Each OPC Server connected to APACS requires one object license and can recieve Alarms & Events for any object when messages are in APACS format. Each APACS OPC Object connected to a server can be used to read one Data Access item and write one item
APACS-PRO 450-575 APACS Pro Multi-User Access Control and Alarm Monitoring Software